The biggest health risk to patients is an uncontrolled infection that could lead to systemic disease and aggravate underlying medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. It is important to keep your mouth healthy to avoid this by visiting your dentist regularly. 

You may have heard lately in the news about the dangers of aerosols in the dental office relating to COVID-19.  We have always employed the highest infection control standards and will continue to do so but it may look a little different with all of our Personal Protective Equipment that we are donning for our safety and yours. 

We have installed Air Scrubbers in our HVAC system that decontaminate the air with a strong UV germicidal light and recirculates the clean air back into the room.  We are also using HEPA filter air purifiers in the treatment area. These machines trap contaminated particles within the filter located inside the purifier. We continue to follow ADA and CDC recommendations and guidelines for patient safety including social distancing, mask wearing and curb side waiting. 

We will communicate with you ahead of time to ask you our COVID-19 risk questions, take your temperature when you arrive, provide hand sanitizer and have peroxide mouth rinse for you before your dental visit.  Appointments will be scheduled with extra time for disinfection of the treatment rooms and patients will be asked to come alone unless you need a care giver or are a guardian.

Thank you for patience

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